需要的不仅仅是高水平的学术. 这需要慷慨的参与

Every gift to 圣安德鲁’s School makes a difference and allows us to deliver an outstanding private school education and a broad range of opportunities for our students and faculty. It is the ongoing commitment from our families 和朋友 that makes 圣安德鲁’s the vibrant 独立的 school we are today. Your support represents the confidence you have in our institution, we wish to assure you that 你的礼物 会得到很好的、周到的工作吗. 点击这里支持今天的圣安德鲁基金.


亚洲城YZC88是一所独立的非营利性学校. 像大多数独立学校一样, 圣安德鲁’s relies on financial support beyond tuition to deliver outstanding programs to our students. 根据法律规定,所有给圣安德鲁的礼物都可以免税.

圣安德鲁基金会 旨在帮助支付本年度预期的运营费用. 学费几乎覆盖了这些费用的89%. Gifts to the 圣安德鲁's Fund have an immediate and positive impact on our school community and benefit every child. It is our hope that every family will make a meaningful gift to the 圣安德鲁's Fund. 感谢所有礼物. 今天点击这里制作你的礼物.


的成长 亚洲城YZC88捐赠基金 这是我们最优先考虑的问题之一吗. 有更大的捐赠, our school has greater flexibility in reacting to economic cycles and has additional resources to attract and retain the best and brightest Pre-K through Grade 12 students and faculty. 点击这里支持捐赠基金.

捐赠基金和奖学金, 学术的椅子, 专业发展, 学习编程, 设施, 以及其他各种各样的需求,以推进圣安德鲁的使命. 所有捐赠基金都是永久授予的.

Today, the school has almost 70 named endowed funds and endowment resources in excess of $19 million. 


  • 无限制捐赠

    Unrestricted gifts to endowment may be made at any gift level and will be directed to general endowment. 私立学校领导, 包括大学, 常解释说,不受限制的天赋是最有价值的礼物. 这是真的, 不仅仅是因为他们提供了宝贵的财务安全和灵活性, but for the clear message they send: we truly believe in the mission of 圣安德鲁's School.
  • 教师捐赠基金

    在亚洲城YZC88,有很多诱人的机会可以提供教职席位. 大约有120名全职教师, endowed faculty funds reward and nourish the enrichment and continued excellence of the school's faculty. Not only do these funds recognize and encourage excellence in teaching by funding 专业发展, they also assist the school in recruiting and retaining the most qualified faculty to educate the students of today and tomorrow.
  • 学生捐赠

    Perhaps one of 圣安德鲁's most important needs is to increase scholarship endowment. 我们学校寻求积极的, talented students of strong character; a gift to endowment would improve 圣安德鲁's ability to provide excellence in education to exemplary students. Independent schools of strong national reputation share in common an ability to matriculate students of the highest caliber who would otherwise not be able to afford full tuition. 对于圣安德鲁来说,这种能力将直接提高教育质量.


资本捐赠为新建筑提供了大量资金, 设施翻新, 及其他专项. 近年来, facility improvements have included the addition of the Stoops Family Gymnasium and renovations to the 中学 pods, 亚洲城YZC88跑道, Toppel家族庭院, 还有妮娜和埃德加·奥托低年级学校的操场. 感谢我们社区中的许多人, construction of the 圣安德鲁’s Welcome Center was completed and dedicated in 2014. In 2016, 校园书店, 由办公用品公司赞助, 被搬到了里奇曼-阿克学生公地,并命名为苏格兰角.

最近,我们打开了 Dr. 艾伯特·科恩家族创业研究中心凯斯勒数字媒体研究所. 的se state-of-the-art 设施 transform the face of the 上学校 campus as a hub for innovation. Many other campus projects and goals to increase the school’s endowment are planned.

If you would like information concerning these and other initiatives, please contact:
夫人. 罗尼投标人
(561) 210-2063 /罗尼.bidder@saintandrews.网


亚洲城YZC88成立 的一个.D. 露西·亨德森遗产协会 来表彰那些在遗产计划中包括圣安德鲁的捐赠者, 制作领导力礼物以支持捐赠, 和/或选择建立一个捐赠基金.  捐赠给捐赠基金提供了财务稳定, 有多种用途, provide a permanent source of annual resources that maintain and improve the educational experience at 圣安德鲁’s.  Proceeds from these funds may be directed toward Faculty Enrichment and Development, 教师薪酬, 金融援助, 全球经验, 及/或设施维修.

的 financial tools used to grow endowment and create tax-wise legacies may take a variety of forms and will yield significant immediate and long-term benefits for both the donor and our school.  雄厚的捐赠基金是我们学校的使命将永远延续下去的承诺.  Please consider making 你的礼物 and help sustain 圣安德鲁’s School for future generations of Scots.


每年, there are a number of opportunities to bring the extended 圣安德鲁’s School community together for community-building and fundraising events.

除了右边列出的全校活动之外, 许多学术, 运动, 表演艺术, 校友活动每周都有安排. 请务必查看我们的 主要的日历, 体育日历, 校友页面 更多的.


  • 归乡节- 2022年10月7日

    This outdoor event is a fun-filled family affair featuring a pre-game barbeque dinner and activities and halftime fireworks highlighting a football game. 欢迎大家来 to come cheer on our 圣安德鲁’s Scots as they take on North Broward Prep!
  • 牛排人晚宴——2022年11月17日

    由爸爸俱乐部赞助,所得收入支持拍卖活动, the Steaksman Dinner features an auction and fun elements like a shoeshine stand and bacon tree, all centered around an epic steak dinner against the backdrop of some fabulous cars at Hagerty Garage + Social in Delray Beach. This is a great way for the men of the 圣安德鲁's Community to get together and get to know each other. 欢迎大家来. 看看谁来了,在这里登记.
  • 校友聚会- 2022年10月8日

    We look forward to welcoming 校友 back to campus for their Class Reunions on Saturday, 10月8日, 庆祝1967届毕业生, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, 和2017年. 的信息, please contact 维克多 Agapay in the 校友 Relations Office at 561-210-2070 or alumni@saintandrews.网.
  • 祖父母节——2月9日 & 10, 2023

    We are delighted to welcome 爷爷奶奶 和朋友 back to campus this year for Grand父母 Days. 高中和中学的祖父母将在周四获得荣誉, 2月9日, 和低年级的祖父母在周五, 2月10日. 

  • 年度拍卖活动- 2023年3月4日

    圣安德鲁年度拍卖活动 has a tradition of bringing our community together to celebrate our beloved school and raise funds to support our mission of providing excellence in education and nurturing each student in mind, body, 和精神.

    今年的主题是“牛仔布 & 钻石活动将在校外的博卡西乡村俱乐部举行. 现在正在售票, 提供赞助机会, 我们正在积极寻求拍卖物品的捐赠. 

    了解更多亚洲城YZC88年度拍卖活动, 捐赠一件拍卖品, 或者加入委员会, click here or contact 克里斯汀 奥利弗 in the Advancement Office at events@saintandrews.网.


圣安德鲁’s School values and honors those members of our community who demonstrate philanthropic leadership through their contributions to the school. 我们的捐款人为校友们树立了慷慨的榜样, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 和朋友, play a vital role in ensuring that 圣安德鲁’s continues to thrive and grow each year.



  • Ms. 费利西亚 阿拉德史密斯 

  • 夫人. 罗尼 投标人 

  • Dr. 卡洛斯 巴罗佐 

  • Ms. 辛迪 Newnam 

  • 夫人. 丽莎 戴利 

  • Mr. 维克多 Agapay 

  • Ms. 克里斯汀 奥利弗 

  • 夫人. 劳伦 瓦拉赫 

  • Ms. 安玛丽  米兰 

  • Ms.  埃里森  波尔克 

    (561) 210-2066
  • 夫人. 凯瑟琳 安东尼 


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